Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

sorry that I didn't wrote for so long,
I just didn't had enough time.

As apology I have a little picture of my Outfit of the day,
hope u like it ;))

Top: H&M
Blouse: New yorker
Jeans: Forever 18
Purse: C&A
Bracelet: Takko
Necklace: New yorker

Montag, 20. September 2010

Sleeping wear

Helloou my dear ladies,
in this post I will show u what I and my friends wear for sleeping.
I have a little picture for that too, sorry for the bad quality:

(from left to right: Kathi, me, Clara)

my Friends and I wear a top with buttons from New Yorker and Hotpants from H&M
we all wear the same just in different colours.

My friend Clara has as mentioned a blog too. Heres the link again:



Hey girls,
today I made a little beauty shopping.
But I didn't bought so much because I have a eyeshadow palette with 96 colours.
I can just recomend this palette heres the link:
I bought a red lipgloss, which makes me look older, I think at least ;)
The lipgloss is from MNY nr.377 :)

My friend is a darker skin tone and bought some things too.
Just for the darker skin tones of you I will describe what she bought.
My friend bought a golden glitter eyeshadow some bronze couloured rouge and a black kajal.

On friday we go shopping together and I will show u what I bought


Sonntag, 19. September 2010


A new shopping tour stands on my To-Do-list.
I just have summer things in my closet so I  definitly need some new things.

Well, heres my shopping list:
- Brown leather jacket
- Brown boots
- MAC lipglass
- A shirt in the marine look
and many things more..
on thursday I will show u the things I bought

Nice Blog

Well here I have a link for a nice blog: 

pls press the link and I hope u enjoy this blog as much as I do



Hi Guys,
I am going to tell u what is a total must have for this Autumn/Winter.

First I think u definitly need Winter Chucks, but of course just the real ones. Fake is out!
Then I would say Boots preferably in Brown.

A blue Coat or a leather jacket should do it.

the rest is up to you ;)


Hey :)

Hey Guys,
this is my first entry and in this Blog I will report about everything what I think is cool :D

I hope you like and enjoy this Blog :)